Your Typical Travel Agency

A Typical Travel Agency.

Your typical Travel Travel agencies are under pressure. CheapTripDeal.comAgency normally handles all from packaged tours to individual purchases, such as car rental, plane tickets, hotel rooms, cruises, railway tours, and other related activities. They are under pressure by one-stop travel sites like this site. Given the day and age of the internet, the travel agencies are required to provide top products and services, to justify their existence. Some travel agencies have specialized in business travels, only, or the more commercial side of travels, if you like. Others have specialized in specific types of travels, being local reps of a major travel company, sort of working as a franchise in a country where the major company perhaps never thought of being established.

The number of travel agencies kept increasing over the years, and especially since late 60’s. But over the past 10-20 years the numbers have shown an industry struggling to make it, as the internet bookings, both privately, but also on a business level, have increased tremendously.

There is no doubt that today’s mass market traveler, you and I, has created a boom in the travel industry. However, it is not necessarily benefitting all of the industry, due to the ease with which you can book your travel yourself online. Quite a way from the way travel agencies used to work before. Started off as the upper-class travel agencies, they now really have to work hard to make a buck..

Travel agencies such as Thomas Cook, started as a chain of agencies, but nowadays see big players, such as,, Momondo and Expedia grab their big, big share of the market. Also lots of smaller-, one-stop only travel sites, such as are beginning to take their share of the market, and thereby add more pressure to the established agencies.

Looking back, we can see the first travel agency established in the US in 1887, the Brownell Travel (started by Walter Brownell). The big deal was a sailing trip from Travel Agencies vs. one-stop travel on the internetNew York to Europe. Today, there is a myriad of cruises offered, on big and small travel sites. See for example a small site, such as, offering cruises in most parts of the world, bringing even more pressure to the physical travel agencies.

Just like any other retail business with physical locations, the travel agencies feel the heat from the internet. Consumers might check prices and get ideas from the physical agencies, but book online like you can here, on this site, So, the travel agencies really have to specialize and cater to a segment of the market, that really requires their services on cruises, railway tickets, plance tickets, hotels, activities on the locations, etc.

Many airlines and other types of companies within the travel industry have begun to issue and sell tickets themselves, and thereby avoiding the commissions to the travel agencies. This has brought a change in the travel industry, where the agencies have then put more attention to the more profit making activities, such as cruises. It is estimated that more than 70% of the cruises comes from travel agencies specializing in this.

A travel agent is under pressure, the past 20 some years has brought a lot of home based travel agencies, taking their share. and are examples of one-stop travel sites.