Your Need for a Proper Travel Insurance

You need a Proper Travel Insurance. tells you why

There are times when you appreciate you have a proper Travel Insurance

You need Insurance!

When traveling, you need in a proper travel insurance. You do not want to be caught off guard, should something happen to you or your family, or luggage is missing when you finally reach your destination. Basically it is considered that there are 3 types of travel insurance, more or less.

You may already be covered with your credit card, and sometimes you are covered partly from your auto or health insurance, or through your personal– and family insurance. Check with these before you do anything. Also, the travel agency or airline may have travel insurance. You do not want to leave home without it, so for your own sake, double check. Many have learned the hard way, what they should have done!

The first, and perhaps the one travelers think of first, is the trip protection. Usually you are asked when you purchase the plane ticket, or cruise. These most like only sell it for the specific trip. If you are a frequent traveler it may be better to purchase an annual multiple trip coverage. Usually it includes coverage for cancellation of your trip, delay and if your trip is interrupted, an “interruption coverage”.

The second major type of travel insurance, is the important medical insurance. It is “a jungle” to find the right medical coverage. How old are you, what is your health like, your age, etc. Check first with your personal carrier, and match the travel insurance you eventually are being presented by the travel agent, the airline carrier, or maybe the actual travel insurance company. Make sure you are honest with your answers, as age and medical history can influence both price and coverage. Seniors, for instance, usually have higher insurance policies.

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The so called “medical evacuation” can be purchased on an individual basis, but is often included in the medical coverage. Check this before you go. Should your accident (we hope it does not happen to you) require a helicopter, it can be a costly flight. So, make sure you are covered for the transportation.

The last part in the medical coverage is the part that acts as a sort of a life insurance, paying your beneficiary / beneficiaries a specific amount, in case you are no longer among us.

The first type of insurance covers the delay of your trip, which is very nice. Give the example that due to extremely bad weather conditions you cannot get to your hotel which you already paid for. That is covered with the trip protection. This also covers, by the way, if you have gotten sick. This brings us to the second coverage, which is when you have a sick relative, or a family member dies. You will be reimbursed for any prepaid expenses connected to your trip. Check with the terms. We are merely stating the general picture. It varies in every policy. Make sure!!!

Even most wonderful holiday can be ruined by lack of proper travel insurance

A wonderful holiday can be ruined by not having proper travel insurance

The final major travel insurance type, is the protection of your luggage or rental car. Make sure you are covered correctly. Sometimes you will be covered by the car rental company. Often luggage is delayed, damaged or maybe even stolen. This is covered by your luggage protection. Check the terms, as it may not cover items too expensive. Please make sure you read the rules and conditions for all of your travel insurance. Your personal insurance might cover some, so check with them first. Also, you should look for a travel insurance that can actually assist you while traveling.