Do Not Leave Without IT – The Travel Essentials

Cheap Trip Deal - Passport is essential

Passport is essential

Travel essentials.

There is no item more important to you than your passport, when you travel. Those were the days, when you could sneak aboard, having forgot your passport. So, be sure you check it, multiple times, before you head out of the door. Do it the night before. Leave the passport with the keys to the house, your wallet, and car keys. Chances are slim that you will forget it by now, following this basic procedure. Packing for your trip, including the above, should also be things like sunscreen, cell phone (with a proper camera, see article). And of course your travel documents, and eventual luggage. Covered in other articles. Many of these are “nice to”, not “need to”. Your passport is a “NEED TO”. The rest can either be put on your phone before landing, during the flight, or after you landed at your destination.

First aid kit. It is like having an insurance. You do not want anything to happen, but it is nice to have, just in case. Have a first aid travel kit with you. You know best what to put in that, but do also see some of our other articles covering this.

Cheap Trip Deal - Cultural understanding is respect

Cultural understanding is respect

If you have traveled before, maybe you know this, and maybe we have inspired you, or taught you something new. This is the travel essential, the basics. And I am sure you won’t forget shoes, shirts, etc. But, are you also remembering to bring your acceptance, your respect, for the culture, for the people, of the destination you are headed to?

We tend to think that everything is just like home. You know, Home Sweet Home. They are not. Do yourself the favor, and the people you are about to meet and who greets you warmly. Read about the place you are going to. In some cultures, just as an example, white is the color of death, in others something used for happy occasions. And some countries may not have a living standard like you are used to. Treat them with respect, and take your precautions. Upon arrival, check with the locals, to add to your “respect-base”. Make sure you watch without judgment, be local with the locals, observe, be respectful. Adjust if necessary.

Besides travel essentials, humor and respect are vital to bring along on your travel. A smile is the shortest distance between all cultures. Those you meet on the travel sees that, and it makes both their day, and your won, a whole lot better. The next stranger could be the best friend you ever had. Let them give you the best from their culture.

Cheap Trip Deal - To Travel is to Live

To Travel is to Live

Remember that the destinations you go to, are not necessarily the most wealthy, and lots of people are struggling to make a living. Many survice because they work hard, and a lot more hours than you probably do back home. And for a lot less money. Many families in less fortunate parts of the world, may only have one income. So every buck counts so to speak. There may be offers to drive you around, or do other services. Whatever you do, whether you make use of their services or not, treat them with respect. Both in terms of what you pay them (ask locally what the customs are, do not fool neither you or them). If you liked the service, then give a bit extra.

Culture makes us all richer, and those who understands to both give and receive, are richer than everyone else.



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