Travel planning is smart thinking

We are all constantly moving from one place to another. The traveling industry is major business.

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Travel Planning is Key for a good travel

With all the good and bad, it has also gotten us to a point where we are doing everything by ourselves when planning our travels. If you are a frequent and experienced traveler, you probably won’t benefit as much from reading this, as the first time traveler. After all, you did survive so far, did you not. Hopefully you will read it any way, reminding you to play it safe.

The line of activities you have gotten yourself into, from the trip itself, to getting to the airport, home and abroad, to getting a hotel, planning your local trips, a line of things can go bad without proper thinking and planning.

The big trip planning

Searching the internet for the details in your trip, never was any easier, but you also risk information overflow, losing the helicopter perspective. With your smartphone you can figure out the smaller details, not so vital, once arrived at the destination. Plan your financials, your travel insurance, possible vaccinations, customs, weather conditions for your suitcase packing. Be smart, and plan ahead of time.

Send all information on your most vital and important papers to you mail account. This is things like your passport, important phone numbers, the travel insurance policy. Should the need occur, all you need to do is to get into your mail account. Remember to take a picture of your suitcase.

Going there on the trip

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Going to your destination

See our tips for packing a light luggage. Make sure you do not overpack. It’s better to pack too little than too much. New supplies, etc., can always be purchased at the final destination.

Make a list of what you have packed, and keep it for next time too. It can come in handy before you know it. Send this to your mail too. If you are using Google’s gmail, make a folder called Personal travel, and tag every mail.

Personal items and cash are important, but think smart. Do not overdo it. We have in our 20 travel tips, and also in travel light, pack light, given you tips on this.

Depending on where your final destination is, it can be important to purchase medicine, or other items, specifically suited for that particular destination. The 3 keywords for your travel, are planning, planning and planning. Then you cannot go wrong

Grab a taxi at your destination

Remember a short taxi ride -especially at night, however short it may be, can be the smartest decision made on your trip. It can be a rough world out there, and let us face it, you are in new territory.

Not all food is being prepared with same care for hygiene, and it has caused many a tourist huge problems, and painful stays in bed. Think, do not over do the food, change eating locations frequently. Simply act with care. You may want to bring medicine that can prevent bad stomach, and take care of it.

Enjoy your trip

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Nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned notebook

You got there, and upon returning to your home destination, you hopefully got there safe, in one piece, with all your belongings, and had a wonderful trip. Most places in the visiting country are ok and just exciting. We just wanted to remind you, to be a little cautious, and care for what you do on your travel.