Travel Ban Electronic Devices – an overview

US Travel ban electronic devices – a brief overview and tips.

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Travel Ban – Electronic Devices

On March 21st, 2017, travelers from certain countries saw a new restriction to their travel to the US. This date the US Department of Homeland Security made it impossible to travel from the 8, most Muslim, countries with their laptop in the carry-on, or in their pockets, entering the plane. Instead these have to be stored away in their check-in suitcases.

If you have the option of bringing an older-, inexpensive computer with you, this might be something to consider. This also saves you from risking missing your sensitive data. Data you may need on your final destination could actually be sent to the cloud, and downloaded for the use when needed. Remember this before storing the laptop in your luggage, no matter how inexpensive the laptop may be!

Countries affected by the computer ban

Travelers affected by the new restriction on their flight to the US are from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Morocco, Doha, Riyadh, Kuwait City, Jeddah, Jordan and Cairo.

As their American colleagues, the UK has made a similar ban, or restriction, however you may call it.

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Travel Ban Electronic devices – Middle East

Countries affected by this are from Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Tunisia. Travelers from these countries have the ban on electronic devices larger than a cell phone.

Act smart with your data

The ban affects the way we usually travel, protecting our data on the computer, by simply carrying it onboard the plane. Experts recommend that you, if you have to bring your laptop with you on your travel, consider to encrypt you files with an app, such as Bitlocker. This is to ensure that if someone got a hold of your laptop or tablet, while it was out of your hands, would have to use a passphrase to decrypt your files.

Make sure you also have purchased a tamper-evident bag. These can be bought a fairly low cost on the web. This way you can see if anyone has been messing with your laptop.

We recommend that you check with your airline, to make sure that you are fully informed about the restrictions, before you travel.