Travel Advice: Emergency Contact List

Bring your own VIP Contact and Good to-Know Travel List.

Travel is fun, to travel is to live. Do not make it too hard to overcome even little things. Make sure that you are prepared. Not mentioning the little items, such Travel kit for personal Hygiene (covered in Travel packing light secrets), the tip for you is to make sure you make an emergency contact list. But also to have a contact list on your destination. Make your travel what it is, a relaxed getaway trip. Have contact info on your loved ones, both on your phone and in your wallet. AND, send a list to your own private mail. Just to make sure. This way you are covered for any situation. One may think it could be necessary to have the same info on a piece of paper, that you bring til your room at the travel destination.

Be sure also to send your contacts at home; a son/daughter mom/dad, a mail. This contact info should include the way in which you can contacted at the hotel, and on your smartphone. The information on your hotel can be found several places. One is on the order confirmation, from one-stop travel sites, like

Cheap Trip Deal - Emergency Numbers World Wide

Emergency Numbers World Wide

Remember that the phone number for rescue is NOT the same in every country. Therefore, be prepared. The phone number for emergency in the US, is 911, but continental Europe for example uses the number 112, and in the UK, 999. (UK emergency phone number, actually is the oldest in the world, from 1937).

Remember the phone number for the local medic

Just like you would not dream of owning a house, and not be insured, do not leave home without having a phone number for the doctor (Calling ”911”probably is not what you need always, as the issue might be less dramatic). So, check out before you go, or no later than arriving at your destination. Also, you might want to have the phone number and contact info for your home country’s doc. In case you have purchased a travel insurance (remember the policy number of the insurance) with medical treatment, make sure you keep this with you. Including have a copy of that in the Cloud, or your mail. And remember a physical copy in your wallet. Now you have what you need, in case it becomes necessary.

The ones closest to you, family first of course, make sure you have their contact info, and – do not rely on a “good memory”. Write it down, as described before.

Last, but not least – put down the number of your country’s embassy, in the country you are traveling to.