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Your Typical Travel Agency

A Typical Travel Agency. Your typical Travel Agency normally handles all from packaged tours to individual purchases, such as car rental, plane tickets, hotel rooms, cruises, railway tours, and other related activities. They are under pressure by one-stop travel sites like this site. Given the day and age of the internet, the travel agencies are required to provide top products and services, to justify their existence. Some travel agencies have specialized in business travels, only, or the more […]

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Travel Light Pack Light

Basically travel planning starts in your home by packing, and packing light! You are better off with less items in your bags, than you actually think you need. Pack for a few days less you expect. If you are a backpacker, you will thank us for the advice. If you are the tourist- or business traveler, you can make it with a small suitcase. Let the hotel worry about it, if you need clean clothes. Less weight, […]

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More than 6 million tourists visits South Korea

South Korea

South Korea anyone? Ever considered the country of South Korea for you next travel with your favourite loved one?. An impressive 6 million tourists does that every year – wauuw we say. Ever tried a hotel in South Korea? It is a top destination and the hotels do not lack anything. South Korea is not one single attraction, it’s a long line of outstanding spots in this great country. We invite you to take a grand South […]

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