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Sign up today! Get the Weekly Travel Newsletter from our Travel Agent, Amparo.   Get the best deals in your mail box, FREE, every week with the Travel Newsletter. Latest featured Cruise deals, trending hotels, last minute flight deals, and travel tips. All free to explore. Do not miss this opportunity to get a headstart on your vacation. SIgn up for the Travel Newsletter below. We do NOT sell mails to 3rd party. We have special deals […]

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Travel Ban Electronic Devices – an overview

Cheap Trip Deal - Travel Ban Electronic Devices

US Travel ban electronic devices – a brief overview and tips. On March 21st, 2017, travelers from certain countries saw a new restriction to their travel to the US. This date the US Department of Homeland Security made it impossible to travel from the 8, most Muslim, countries with their laptop in the carry-on, or in their pockets, entering the plane. Instead these have to be stored away in their check-in suitcases. If you have the option […]

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Pet travel in the air made easy

Cheap Trip Deal Pet travel in a carrier

Air travel with pet made simple Pet travel in the air? No need to worry, if you prepare a bit in advance. Most of us do not like to leave our pet at home, with a stranger or some pro “doggie-hotel”. Make both yourself, and the dog ready. Follow a few simple tips, and make the trip a joyful trip for all. It’s no hassle, just some minor preparations. A little like when you prepare your packing, […]

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