Most Popular Hotels in London

Fabulous City – we give you the most popular hotels in London.

Dinner, Football, Musicals, Concerts, British, Tea, In Love, Department stores? You need a Hotel in London. We bring you the 10 most popular hotels in this grand city.

You always get a warm welcome when you visit London. The city is made for tourists, and they know how to appreciate your visit.

Whether it is the first time, or the fifteenth time you are back, there is always something

new to explore, or maybe you are the kind that sort sticks to the “same same”, like the same pub, same department store, etc, when you arrive. There is plenty to do when visiting London. Take advantage of the diversity of the city, see something new, add new destinations, new pubs, new hotels, every time. You will be surprised, and please., London is filled with attractions, always new events. And even though some of the musics are running for decades, there are new musicals added from  time to time. And, yes, why not go in and see Mamma Mia again…Plan your visits to London carefully.

When picking your hotel in London, we suggest you see how close it is to The Tube, the magnificent underground train system. By just a light bit of planning, you can benefit your stay a whole lot. It is a big city, and by placing yourself in a remote hotel, far from the sites and attractions you want to see, is not beneficial. Who wants to spend hours every day, on The Tube, way down, away from the streets.

Buckingham Palace, Harrods, Picadilly, Soho, Oxford Street, Covent Garden, a pub crawl? There is always plenty to see.

And remember that London has multiple international airports. Check the station in central London, where the train from the airport arrives. That is where you most likely should concentrate looking for hotel rooms, especially if you have just a short time in London.