Pet travel in the air made easy

Air travel with pet made simple

Pet travel in a solid carrier

Pet travel

Pet travel in the air? No need to worry, if you prepare a bit in advance. Most of us do not like to leave our pet at home, with a stranger or some pro “doggie-hotel”. Make both yourself, and the dog ready. Follow a few simple tips, and make the trip a joyful trip for all. It’s no hassle, just some minor preparations. A little like when you prepare your packing, travel insurance, booking hotels, etc. In general, air travel can be stressful to a dog, or any sort of pet, so check with your vet.

Know the airline’s pet policy

Do know which airlines that serves the route you are about to make? Or maybe you decide which airline to take, after you have heard where they fly, all the way, and allows you to bring your dog? Whatever you decide, make sure the airline chose can bring you and the dog, or whatever pet you are bringing, all the way to your destination. Check with the airline policies. Is your dog, or other pet flying in the cargo area, or in the cabin with you? What are the terms, the costs. Are there any restrictions on the airline. Start early before your travel, so you do not get surprises in the last minute, trying to book your trip! This includes any possible immunization policy the individual airline may have.

A visit to the veterinarian before the trip

Cheap Trip Deal - Pet at the Vet

Pet at the Vet

Should you bring your dog, yes or no…Well, if you have to, do check with the vet before you do. Puppies, older dogs, etc., are they fit for the stressful travel. The risk is bigger when in the air. It might be there is no way out, that you need to bring little Lassie along, make sure you have been by your veterinarian before. Is “Lassie” fit enough for the trip? And what have others done, and what is “best practice”, when you look at it from the animal’s side? Follow all guidelines, so your dog does not suffer from this pet travel. Look further for travel advice when traveling with your pet.

Once the veterinarian has cleared your pet, and all vaccinations taken care of, you are good to go. But, again, you need to check with airline policies. You need to comply with all, both the airline, but also with the destination you are going to. The veterinarian can issue a health certificate for your pet. Make sure you have a couple of copies. Make sure you send a scanned copy to you mail address, wo you can get it, in case you lose documents or luggage on the way. Make sure it lasts for the entire trip. Also, in case you pass through multiple destinations, check that the pet’s document complies with all destinations.

Make sure the flight is chosen with care

Make sure you get a direct flight. Changing planes, stopping over, only creates more stress with you dog, any pet actually. Also, avoid the busiest times of the year. You get stress, and that is even a lot worse to your pet. Entering the plane, make sure you notify the flight attendants you are bringing a pet along.

Buying the right pet carrier

Allow the pet travel to be in a comfortable carrier. No need to invest in a cheap version. You decided to

Cheap Trip Deal pet carrier

Pet travel carrier

get an animal. Treat it nice, and let it travel with style. It should be possible for the little furry friend to stand up, lie down, whatever is more comfortable at the moment.. And let the animal get used to the carrier, and perhaps let it sleep in the carrier, so it gets used to it. Up till 4 weeks before.

Try not to feed you pet before your trip

You should not feed your dog up to 6 hours before your flight, and allow only small amounts of water.

Make sure you bring good pictures of your pet

Make sure you have taken plenty of pictures of your dog, have it name tagged, and make sure any carrier you are bringing along has name on it as well. In case you pet is missing, it will be easier to locate the animal.