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Travel Packing light Secrets

Cheap Trip Deal. Traveling light secrets

Packing Lighter? Secrets….schyhhh. Don’t you sometime wish, when you check in at the airport, that you had packed your luggage a little lighter? You are probably envious of those only traveling with a carry on, and maybe a computer bag. (See article Travel light, pack light). They have checked in from home, and printed his boarding card, at home, walking straight past the airport check-ins. Follow these simple ideas for packing guidelines and tips in this article, […]

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Travel Light Pack Light

Basically travel planning starts in your home by packing, and packing light! You are better off with less items in your bags, than you actually think you need. Pack for a few days less you expect. If you are a backpacker, you will thank us for the advice. If you are the tourist- or business traveler, you can make it with a small suitcase. Let the hotel worry about it, if you need clean clothes. Less weight, […]

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