20 Travel Tips you always want to follow

20 travel tips you wish you had followed always

We all have our individual ways of doing things, including our traveling habits. We have put together 20 good-, and fun, travel tips. Use them as inspiration.

  1. Always bring a bit of cash, but not too much. You do not want to tempt anyone with a bad intent. And keep them safe, not in a back pocket wallet and not all in the same spot.
  2. If you cannot avoid bringing a bag, buy the biggest carry-on bag you can get. Check the measurements with the airlines. Remember that it is often accepted for you also to bring a computer bag. We recommend SwissGear, seen on our travel store on Cheap Trip Deal. Buy a light bag.
  3. Buy clothing in Merino wool. It is super light, and due to the fact that the wool contains a whole lot of air, it keeps you cold in warm air, and hot in cold weather. It is easy to breathe in Merino wool.
  4. Picking the clothes for your trip, make sure you carefully consider each item for the quality, wrinkle-free, weight, thickness, etc. Put it on your bed. Say “need to, or nice to”, for each item.
  5. Pick what is called “versatile”, which means, that it can for multiple purposes, etc. for walking casually around in the day, and for evening wear. This is also where you think whether it can fit both warm and cold weather. See merino wool, tip no. 3.
  6. 2 weeks, 3 weeks…. No matter the length of your stay, do not pack clothes for more than 1 week. If needed a laundromat is never far away, or if you are at a hotel, let them do the “dirty” work.
  7. Always pack “dual purpose” clothing. Women perhaps have a few more choices here, but you get my point. Fold it in your suitcase. It’s amazing how much room you will save.
  8. Choose colors that match. It might leave fewer varieties, but it makes your luggage lighter.
  9. Put all you want to bring along on your bed. Look at every item, and ask yourself – “how important is this to me?”
  10. Make use of rubber bands to pack your clothes. You will be amazed how much space this will add to your suitcase. Bring rubber band for the items you purchase at the destination.
  11. Make an effort only to pack what can fit into a carry-on. Given your destination, it can cause a challenge. Then again, go to warmer climates, and you won’t ever have any problems with that 😊
  12. Wear the heaviest clothing, like a jacket, the heaviest shoes, etc.
  13. Trying to save space in your suitcase, even after using the “rubber band” tip, make sure your socks and other small items are packed in your shoes.
  14. Bring only two pair of shoes on your trip. You will, most likely, often not need more. And shoes are heavy. Putting socks in the shoes keeps their shape. And put a plastic bag around your shoes to protect from the dirty heels.
  15. Toiletries can either be bought at the destination, or you can purchase a small travel kit on Amazon.
  16. Always choose to bring clothing that dries easily and quickly. There is nothing more annoying than wet or damp clothing.
  17. Travel books, maps, reading material of any sort, use your smartphone.
  18. Having just said that you should bring travel books on your smartphone, you might consider NOT to bring books. Be social to a local. Talk to people. Isn’t that why you are traveling?
  19. Buy a smaller bag than you would normally do, up to 30 % smaller. Stuff it so it is about to explode. Then go back to the store and get one 10% bigger. Now you have the vacant space you always dreamt off in your suitcase… It’s all in the mind.
  20. Pack concentrated detergent and extremely quick drying clothes, and you will be able to survive on 2 pairs of pants, shorts, t-shirts and 2 pairs of socks.

You are the master of your packing. We can only give you the inspiration to do it right.¨, and making your trip a cheap trip deal, packing right, and smart.